Welcome to Earthworm Collections of the World

* This site is  under development. Please bear with us while we get set up*

This site has been set up to to bring together into one site the Earthworm Collections data present around the world. The creators of the site encourage  guardians of these collections to donate their collections catalogue records. This will enable missing specimens to be located, encourage access and utilisation of collections , especially those least well known and enable some initial very sketchy distribution maps to be generated.


Collate the collections information from around the world, including the smaller collections, so to highlight and encourage collections use.
Enable ‘missing‘ specimens to be more easily recovered for scientific study
Provide a site which makes other useful information available to researchers and students such as making available original scans of older and hard to obtain original species descriptions, uploading verified images of the species, translating original descriptions to English to encourage greater accessibility.
Map the data submitted so global extents of collections can be assessed, strengths of collections highlighted and sketchy initial species distributions could start  to emerge (of course collections have a lot of limitations when it comes to distribution data, so this is only for guidance).

Please do donate to us your collections information. For more information on how to do this please email emmas@nhm.ac.uk

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